The foyer Tanjomoha run 3 health care centers: child nutrition center, a center for TB treatment and care center for sick and destitute people. In addition, we bring a very important support since few years to the mentally ills treated in Manakara hospital.

Care for poor and sick people

Health care is not free in Madagascar and many poor people in Vohipeno district can not afford treatment. At the foyer Manasoa, we provide free healthcare which some of these people desperately need.

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Infant nutrition center

Since 1996, the Foyer Tanjomoha has waged an ongoing fight against child malnutrition in the district of Vohipeno. Since its inception, hundreds of small children have gradually been returning to normal weight and come to us every Tuesday!

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Tuberculosis treatment

TB is on the increase in Madagascar. It is vital to act before this highly contagious disease becomes too prevalent. The foyer Tanjomoha is engaged in a determined struggle against it.

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Treatment of mentally sick people

In Madagascar, one of the most distressing sights is seeing how mentally ill people are treated. Since 2006, the foyer Tanjomoha has supported many patients from Vohipeno district, in partnership with the public psychiatric hospital in Manakara.

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