The disability centre for young people

Young people with physical disabilities are often abandoned by their families and society, which doesn’t give them any help. Many are not educated. Often, they can not work in the rice fields like other children of their age. They can then be seen as a burden to their families.
When Father Vincent Carme created at Tanjomoha, the Foyer for Disabled Persons in 1986, it was only a little village of a few wooden huts. Today, it hosts over 100 young disabled people. Our goal is twofold:
   -     Give them maximum mobility through rehabilitation, orthopedic operations and the creation of prostheses;
   -     Train them in one of two professional schools: carpentry and embroidery/sewing.

Treatment of Disabilities

Young people with disabilities are also at Tanjomoha in order to improve their mobility. We strive to achieve this through medical checks, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and orthopedic equipment manufacturing.

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We try to ensure that the disabled young people leave Tanjomoha with a trade. According to their capabilities, they follow one of these three paths: sewing & dress making, carpentry & joinery. Alternatively they can attend secondary school (and have the possibility to go to university thereafter).

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